The Bartur Foods Family

Bartur Foods has been operating out of the same location in inner SE Portland since 1962.  We are a locally owned and operated company co-owned by Tyler Hill and Bill Layman.  As with most small business, both owners wear multiple hats and will provide a variety of functions.    We believe that our size, relative to the majority of our competitors, gives us a significant customer service advantage.  We are nimble enough to be able to react to our customers needs, whether that be accommodating new product requests, special service needs, or pricing concerns.  Our employees quickly get to know all the particulars of our customers and their needs.  

Tyler Hill

Bill Layman

The son of long time Bartur Foods owner, Bruce Hill, Tyler was born in Portland and raised in Gresham, OR where he attended Gresham High School. Following High School Tyler spend several years in both the golf business as well as the technical staffing industry. Through his experience, Tyler acquired a variety of skills that he brought with him to Bartur Foods, where he has been a full-time member/owner since 2009.

A Political Science Major at Portland State University, Tyler ran for State Representative in 2010 winning his primary election, however he lost to an incumbent representative. This process gave him a distinctive view on the importance of community involvement.

Married in 2012, Tyler and his wife Kirsten have three daughters, Harper, Elizabeth and Evelyn. Outside of cherishing time with his family, Tyler pursues other interests that include running (completed 2008 Portland Marathon), hiking (climbed Mount St. Helens in 2011 & 2020), Oregon Duck football games with his family, baseball, music, theatre and film.

Born and raised in Hood River, Bill has been a resident of the Portland area since 1985.  After attending Southern Oregon University, receiving a BS in Business Administration in 1985, Bill moved to the Portland area and became involved in the food distribution industry in 1992.

By focusing on developing customer and vendor relationships, Bill has developed decades long partnerships.  His experience, insights, and vast product knowledge have been key as the company has evolved.

When not guiding Bartur Foods, Bill enjoys spending his spare time with his wife Lora, his two huskies, and tending to his collection of Japanese Koi.  Bill and Lora had one son, Brady, who is currently attending Eastern Oregon University.